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Bebebi Fizzy | ISOFIX base & car seat | 4 in 1 pram & pushchair set

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Bebebi Fizzy | ISOFIX base & car seat | 4 in 1 pram & pushchair set

BEBEBI® FIZZY 3 in 1Pram & Pushchair Pram Animation 3 in 1

Today we offer you this pram-set 3 in 1by BEBEBI®. It contains the following three essential attachments:

  • carrycot
  • infant carrier / baby car seat
  • sport seat / buggy

Let yourself be surprised, for in this auction you will get some extra gifts for free. Please scroll down bit by bit, read the text carefully and let yourself get excited by our offer.
  • Since this set contains so many pieces it takes some time to describe them all. If, nevertheless, there should by any questions left afterwards, don't hesitate and contact us for help.
    The BEBEBI® FIZZY Pram has only one sun cannopy for the baby carraige and the buggy
  • The pram has360° pivoting wheels which can be locked,a carrycot which additionally can be used as a cradle, a car seat with the same cradle-function as well as many other advantages and possibilities.
  • So that you may enjoy this product for years to come all our articles have a warranty of 24 months.
    We have chosen this set for you for it has an unbeatable cost-performance ratio and it captivates through its very high and convincing quality. The production takes place exclusively in the EU. The materials processed have been produced exclusively for prams and the Jackmar company assures their harmlessness.
    The pram is subject to the highest safety standards and is manufactured in accordance with EN 1888/2004.

Now you can see the exact description of the range of functions of your BEBEBI® Pram & Pushchair:

The Carrycot Pram Mode

BEBEBI® FIZZY 3 in 1Pram & Pushchair Pram Animation babypram

  • Our carrycot is, due to its length of 80 cm, really big for taken into account that children are larger nowadays.
  • With a width of 37 cm and a height of 19 cm your offspring will find all the space necessary.
  • The backrest is adjustable in three positions and supports the first sitting efforts of your baby.
  • There is a carry handle integrated into the sun canopy so it can be removed backwards very silently.
  • The built-in ventilation on the back of the carrycot..

The carrycot has a cradle function. As soon as it is placed on flat ground, it cradles softly back and forth. This function can be easily disabled by folding out the supporting feet.

BEBEBI® FIZZY 3 in 1Pram & Pushchair Pram Animation 3 in 1babypram seasaw function

The ISOFIX car seat & the ISOFIX base complete set

What's in the ISOFIX Set included?

  • The car seat compatible to the ISOFIX base
    • The ISOFIX car seat has two metall spokes under the plastic car seat frame. This spokes are needed from the ISOFIX base to click in safety.
  • The ISOFIX Base.
    • This base interconnects with your car and then is connected safe to your car and you get the full fetures of ISOFIX.

What are the advantages?

  1. Increased safety! In case of an accident, the system delays the impact IMMEDIATELY and reduces the risk of injury.
  2. Maximum safety thanks to error-free handling! After the successful and correct securing of the car seat on the adapter, a mechanical display changes from green to red, making it almost impossible for inexperienced users to make a mistake in securing the baby.
  3. Improved stability! A correctly installed seat can not be tilted or twisted. As a result, the connection is much more stable overall than the conventional fastening by means of the safety belt.
  4. Easy to use! It is much more convenient to handle and goes much faster than conventional buckles. To release the car seat from the ISOFIX car adapter, press only one button and remove the seat from the car quickly and easily.

IMPORTANT: an ISOFIX car seat can also be used conventionally. In addition, the ISOFIX car seat also retains its function to be mounted on the pram frame.
The ISOFIX car adapter can be installed in any car. If your car has no ISOFIX, you can fix the adapter using the seatbelts.

The infant carrier the car seat is certified according to ECE R 44/04

BEBEBI® FIZZY 3 in 1Pram & Pushchair Pram Animation 3 in 1car seat infant carseat functions

  • the materials are removable for the washing
  • a seat reducer for the new-borns is included
  • the safety belts are continuously adjustable by simple pulling
  • the carry handle is ergonomically designed
  • the safety belts are adjustable in height
  • equipped with sun canopy
  • Adapter for mounting on the frame is included

The pushchair Buggy Mode

BEBEBI® FIZZY 3 in 1Pram & Pushchair Pram Animation 3 in 1buggy functions

  • The pushchair with safety cover against sun, wind and cold.
  • The 5-point-harmess of the pushchair is equipped with extra thick belt pads.
  • The safety bar has a PVC sheathing. Because of that it is kept clean excellently and hygienic.
  • The pram has 360° pivoting wheels which can be locked,a carrycot which additionally can be used as a cradle, a car seat with the same cradle-function as wellas many other advantages and possibilities.
  • Für ältere Kinder, deren Beine bereits über die am Sportsitz montierte Fußstütze hinausgewachsen sind, ist die 2. Fußstütze am Gestell gedacht. Diese Stütze können Kinder auch zur Hilfe nehmen, wenn Sie in den Sitz klettern.

  • The footrest can be brought into a sleeping position and is sheathed with PVC as well.
  • This makes perfect sense since in this case your child's shoes can no longer make it dirty. The sheathed carrycot is soft and comfortable. The materials are washable.
  • The sport seat is to be fixed in both directions. You can put it the way you can see your child or the other way round so your child can enjoy the landscape.
BEBEBI® FIZZY 3 in 1Pram & Pushchair Pram Animation 3 in 1buggy foot paddel functions

The Frame & Braking system

BEBEBI® FIZZY 3 in 1Pram & Pushchair Pram Animation 3 in 1frame folding function

The montage of the individual attachments. As you can see, it is easily and simple to operate with. With a single button you can unlock the attachments. The relocking works automatically and happens by simply placing the right attachment on top.

The rear braking system shows a central brake pedal with a single controlling system. It is modern, silent and easy to use. Especially the release of the brake is even possible with thin summer shoes.

BEBEBI® FIZZY 3 in 1Pram & Pushchair Pram Animation 3 in 1brake function

The suspension system

BEBEBI® FIZZY 3 in 1Pram & Pushchair Pram Animation 3 in 1suspension function

2-way suspension - The rear suspension is adjustable in hardness.

They are equipped with the latest anti-vibration mounts. Together with the rear wheels this gives the ideal and impact ride for your baby

Functions and features

BEBEBI® FIZZY 3 in 1pram composed of: baby carrycot, buggy, car seat, frame and accessories. Included modules can be attached to the frame individually in both directions (in the front direction and in the rear direction). The rotatingwheels provide particularly good maneuverability in the city. The shock absorbers and the hardness adjustment on the back of the FIZZY pram is especially suitable for excursions on rough terrain and even on gravel!
Details Pram

  • Adjustable and detachable hood
  • Comfortable interior padding - made of cotton with soft plush
  • Ergonomic handle integrated into carrycot hood
  • Foot cover included
Details ECE Car Seat R44 / 04 (Seal)
  • incl. Foot protector and adjustable sun hood
  • padded 3-point safety harness; 2 height adjusting positions
  • Continuous belt adjustment
  • The cover is hand washable as it is fully detachable
Details Buggy
  • It is possible to mount the Buggy in the forward and reverse direction
  • Adjustable hood with outer pocket with zipper
  • Multi-step adjustable backrest
  • sleeping position possible
  • Adjustable footrest with protective cap
  • 5-point harness padding
  • Removable safety bar (Protection from falling out)
Frame details
  • Extremely stable frame made of aluminum and steel
  • Comfort chassis with adjustable suspension
  • Front wheels: approx. 24 cm and rotating 360 degrees; Including lock function
  • Rear wheels: approx. 30 cm
  • Smooth running safety brake
  • easy to handel and smooth to push ; Multiple height configurations (see above)
  • Large and removable shopping basket underneath the baby seats
  • Textile materials are baby friendly
  • Stroller complies with the European safety standard EN 1888: 2004
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